Equestrian Landscaping

We offer a full construction service from start to finish which begins with a full site survey. The site survey enables us to gain the required information to provide you with a full quotation for your arena.

Equine Arenas, Gallops and Canter Tracks

We offer a full construction service from start to finish which begins with a full site survey. The site survey enables us to gain the required information to provide you with a full quotation for your arena.

During the site survey we check for the following:

Planning position
Access to the site
Ground conditions
Levels are taken with laser equipment
Consideration over where top soil is taken
Landscaping on completion of arena

There are five important stages when building an arena:

  1. Planning

    You will be required to obtain planning permission from the local council should you wish to construct an arena as this falls as a Change of Use. We offer advice on gaining planning permissions, supplying of plans and full submission of planning applications on your behalf.

  2. Construction Materials

    Materials are key in ensuring high performance and longevity of your arena. Baseworks use the highest quality materials on their arenas and can advise on the different options available to you.

  3. The Build

    We have a fully experiencd team which aim to complete the build with minimum disturbance to your site and within a realistic timeframe, working with site and weather conditions.

  4. Surface

    A sand based surface is a tried and tested route but needs to be mixed with the correct surface type to ensure the best possible surface to suit your requirements. Baseworks are able to advise on the various surfaces on the market and you are able to see the varying types of surfaces in action on some of our existing sites.

  5. Maintenance

    Ensuring that you are able to maintain  the surface is important to you and ensuring its durability long term. We can advise on the required maintenance for you arena to ensure you get the best out of it.



Baseworks build a variety of outdoor arenas; dressage, show jumping, lunging to all weather cross country.


All Weather Training Gallops and Canter tracks, Baseworks sets the winning standard in all-weather training gallops.


More services

Baseworks offer many more services from construction to maintenance.

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We supply and install all types of fencing; security, railings, mesh, gates, barriers and bollards for domestic, equestrian, agricultural and commercial projects. Not only will it look great but it will last.

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Major Groundworks

Our installation teams have 10+ years experience in most civil ground works and are able to deliver cost effective ground works for a wide range of projects, including Commercial, Agricultural, Domestic, Equestrian and Environmental.

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Equine Landscape Refurbishment

After time sand can solidify losing its flexibility and create wet spots. We are able to provide refurbishment of your existing equine arenas, gallops and canter tracks.

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Surface Supply and Top-Up

If you wish to do a simple top up of your Arena, Gallop or Canter Track we can advise you on the best surface that is right for you requirements and are able to supply different types of surface.

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